Cannot praise everyone at Potomac Dental Group more. They make you feel comfortable while still being diligent. I had put off going to the dentist as long as possible and they were very nice about it. From Dr. Fridoun Pishdad to their clinical coordinator, Nuvia, they provide first class service.

– Leah R.

I was recommended by my friend to see doctor Pishdad. I’m so glad I went for a visit. The staff and the doctor are very friendly and kind. The doctor has 40 years of experience. He has the gentlest touch I have ever experienced.
I went in as an emergency appointment for an infected tooth. My tooth had a very deep cavity. Doctor Pishdad did a filling behind my veneer without breaking the veneer. I was very happy not to have to pay all the extra costs of a new veneer he is very conscientious about charging you for all the extra things you may not need. He’s very experienced and I fully trust him. He did not give me a shot and I did not feel any pain which is miraculous by itself. I have since been back to him for other dental work and have recommended him to my friends and family.

– Sima Z.

Great staffs and doctors, they care a lot about patient’s budget and money. They respect you the way they treat their family. Doctor Pishdad is one of the most amazing doctors and human being I have ever seen. People in the front desk are very lovely and professional.

– Sara S.

I had a great experience with this practice today. Dr. Vigen was so professional and I am beyond satisfied with the service I received today. I highly recommend him.

– Negin S

I’ve been a patient at this office since 1995. Their doctors and the services they provide for the patients are outstanding. As long as Potomac Dental Group is in business, I would not even consider changing my dentist office.

– Lila K.

Dr. Pishdad has been my dentist for over ten years. He helps his patients overcome their fears and uses the latest technology for practically pain free procedures. He is a caring dentist, very thorough and also follows up a day or two after performing any major dental work (root canals, bridges, etc.) His staff are professional, friendly, & caring. I highly recommend Dr. Pishdad.

– Norbert V.

Very friendly, great service, and accommodating.

– Guinevere J.

I had to get a new filling. I barely felt a thing and was in and out in 30 minutes.

– Albertus R.

I’ve been going to Dr. Simchian for over a decade. I’ve stuck with him because he is so diligent about his patients’ comfort. He doesn’t rush and he *doesn’t hurt you.* I’ve been to other dentists that jab around in your mouth as if you have no nerve endings, so I’ll continue to stick wirh Dr. S.

– Nanya S.

Last month I went to Potomac Dental for a routine deep cleaning and had a very positive experience. The dentist who attended to me, Dr. Simchian, was calm & professional. During my visit, he was joined briefly by the other dentist Dr. Pishdad. Collectively, they informed me that they had noticed an erosion on the tops of several of my molars. They suggested a mouth guard that could act as a preventative barrier against the erosion caused by the grinding. The attendant quickly made a molding of my teeth and receptionist scheduled a follow-up appointment for the following week.
In short, everyone was very helpful and efficient. I felt compelled to write a review because they made the whole experience quick, helpful and painless. Thanks guys!

– Garrett

Potomac Dental Group have professional Dr’s who work there, I have a lot of respect for them because time proved it to me; that they are not there to make up money of patient, they are there to resolve patient problem. If there is something is unnecessary they will not recommend it. If they need to do something they will consult with patient and will explain it to patient in simple way that can understand it. Also, will tell you positive and negative and will tell you what do they think is best for you. Believe me; I asked them to do something with my problem and I was willing to pay but they said is not necessary and it will be ok, it will take time. They were right and now I do not have problem anymore that I had. To me these Dr’s have dignity, integrity, perfectionists and professional in their profession. In today sociality you do not find that many Dr’s have these qualities. I travel 90 miles round trip to see them, because I believe them.

– Farid B.

We have been coming to Dr. Pishdad’s dental practice for a very long time. In all these years we have always felt very satisfied. Recently, Dr. Vigen Simchain did our biannual checkup and cleaning and that phenominal experience compelled me to write this review. The front office staff and dental technicians have always been fantastically courteous and friendly. Even though our older son lives in New York, insists on coming to this practice in Potomac for his biannual checkup and cleaning. A testament to their superior patient care.

I would highly recommend trying out this practice and Dr Vigen for your dental needs. His very friendly and calm demeanor is a real gift and superb asset when you are sitting in the “chair”

– Jayaraman F.

It is not easy to find a good dentist. Had quite a few dentists over the past 20 years. Just had a few major dental works done at this place by Dr. Simchian. Very impressed by Dr. Simchian’s thoroughness and professionalism. He has patients’comfort and well-being in mind and does not push patients to undergo unnecessary procedures. Staff are always pleasant. Very friendly place!

– Shoufen H.