Introducing our Dental Savings Plan

We know life can get hectic, and the last things you want to worry about are toothaches and dental problems. Consistent preventive care is the best way to avoid dental emergencies. We at Potomac Dental Group have made it easier to keep your smile bright with our new Premium Potomac Dental Savings Plan.

Whether you’re an individual, family or small business owner, Premium Potomac eliminates the hassle of dealing with insurance plans, and offers you the high-quality, affordable dental coverage that you deserve.

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Here’s What’s Included:

  • 2 Yearly Cleanings
  • 2 Complete Exams w/ any Necessary Digital X-Rays
  • Free Professional Whitening by Opalescence*
  • 2 Limited Exams/Emergency Visits
  • Complimentary Invisalign, Botox & Dermal Filler Consultations
  • Our Exclusive 5 Year Warranty on Emax and Bruxzir Crowns**
  • 20% Off Basic Care – Fillings, Bondings Anesthetics
  • 35% Off Major Care – Bridges, Root Canals, Crowns
  • 10% Off Any Unlisted Care


Transparency is a virtue. Thus, at Potomac Dental Group, we don’t hide our fees. Below is an example of the Reasonable Fees that a resident in the Potomac area would pay for common dental treatments. Compare it to the list of Fees that a member of Premium Potomac Dental Savings Plan would pay for the same services.

Procedure Premium Potomac Fee
Exams & Diagnostic
Comprehensive Exam $0.00
Limited Oral Evaluation $0.00
Panoramic X-Ray $0.00
Periapical X-Ray $0.00
Bitewing X-Ray $0.00
Cleanings & Preventive Treatment
Adult Cleaning $0.00
Child Cleaning $0.00
Flouride -Adult $20.00
Flouride -Child $15.00
Sealants Per Tooth $25.00
Fillings & Restorative Treatment
1 Surface Resin Posterior $125.00
2 Surface Resin Posterior $130.00
3 Surface Resin Posterior $154.00
4 Surface Resin Posterior $185.00
1 Surface Resin Anterior $125.00
2 Surface Resin Anterior $130.00
3 Surface Resin Anterior $154.00
4 Surface Resin Anterior $185.00
Root Canal & Endodontic Therapies
Anterior Root Canal Therapy $624.00
Bicuspid Root Canal Therapy $708.00
Molar Root Canal Therapy $952.00
Deep Scaling Per Quadrant $145.00
Periodontal Maintenance $115.00
Extractions of Oral Surgery
Routine Extraction $99.00
Surgical Extraction $225.00
Extraction Complete Bony $396.00
Dentures & Removable Prosthetics
Complete Denture (Upper or Lower) $1,311.00
Resin Partial Denture (Upper or Lower) $1,017.00
Cast Metal Partial (Upper or Lower) $1,362.00
Dentures & Fixed Prosthetics
Emax and Bruxir Crowns Upgrade $75.00
Standard Crown $950.00


300$ Per Year

Head of Household/1st Single Adult

150$ Per Year

Each Additional Dependent Aged 14 & Up

75$ Per Year

Each Dependent Child Aged 13 & Under

  • No Sign Up Costs
  • No Maximums
  • No Deductibles
  • No Limitations
  • No Exclusions

Still Not Convinced ?

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee (if you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your premium regardless of completed visits)